About Our Cattle

Quality Genetics: Start with Good Stock

La Cense Montana grazes yearlings and cow-calf pairs on native and improved pastures in the grasslands and mountains of our ranch here in southwest Montana. We specialize in raising natural and non-hormone-treated Angus and Angus-cross cattle, and strive to rely as much as possible on grass-feeding all year long on a combination of private and leased land on and around our 88,000 acres. Cattle are typically brought to market in August and September, generally averaging between 850-950 pounds.

We are a hormone-free operation because we believe this is best for the health of the animals as well as the consumer, and are prudent in using any medications to doctor sick animals. In fact, we very carefully track the health of all our animals, with regular audits of source, age, genetics, treatments, etc.—and conduct regular animal welfare audits—to ensure our goals are being met. To learn more about our ranching philosophy, click here.

Our Customers

Our buyers include numerous major wholesale food and beef purveyors, with the majority representing those who see the value of our naturally-raised animals. We take great pride in the quality, consistency, and professionalism of our operation, and continue to build long-term relationships with this select group of customers.

Humane Handling: Nurture Health & Happiness

Outside Verification

Animal welfare is of upmost importance at La Cense Montana, as is low-stress animal handling and beef quality assurance (BQA). But rather than just rely on our own team’s opinions, we bring in outside resources to confirm that we’re never straying from our mission.

La Cense uses Verified Beef and IMI Global to add third party verification to production claims used in market livestock. Natural NE3, NHTC, Age & Source, as well as GAP—along with and other animal welfare audits—are also performed regularly.